Vietnamese Spring Roll Wraps - BNUTZ
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Vietnamese Spring Roll Wraps

vietnamese rolls

Vietnamese Spring Roll Wraps


These FRESH rice paper wrap rolls are oozing with colour and flavour. An easy healthy starter or snack. These spring rolls work perfectly for a party platter. Make sure you save one for yourself as they do go quickly. Using BNUTZ spicy chilli and lime nut butter makes all the difference too as the majority of western sauces are full of preservatives, oil and sugars and whereas BNUTZ is creamy indulgent and light on the stomach, free from; preservatives, refined sugar and palm oil. 



A pack of spring roll rice wrappers from blue dragon 

1 large carrot, peeled and julienned

1 large cucumber, peeled 

1/2 of a large red pepper, julienned

1/3 cup chopped purple cabbage

1 ounce cooked rice (optional)

1 avocado, sliced

handful fresh cilantro (and/or mint, basil)

5 large green lettuce leaves cut into pieces

Optional to add shredded meat- the one above is veggie and tastes great!

Satay sauce: 

3 tbsp spicy chilli and lime nut butter 

1tbsp maple syrup 

1tsp tamari soy sauce 

3-4tsp water 


  1. Prepare the rice paper wrappers: Pour warm water (bathwater temp) into a large bowl or 9-inch square or round baking pan. Rotate the paper around the bowl so it gets covered in the water equally, do this for around 3 seconds. Be sure not to let the rice paper fall all over the place, the first time can sometimes be a little tricky. 
  2. Now with the gelatinous rice paper rolls…lay then down on the chopping board and start popping all the ingredients in. the rice paper will start to soften as you do this. 
  3. Fill the rolls: Lay the lettuce down first and lay it towards the top for the best rolling procedure. Then place a few sticks of carrot, cucumber, red pepper, and a sprinkle of cabbage. Then, a small amount of rice (if using), a slice or two of avocado and a bit of cilantro. Lay 1/2 of a lettuce leaf on top. Remember, do not overstuff the roll. Start small then add more, as needed, as you roll each one. 
  4. Roll them: Roll everything up tightly. To do so, gently pull up the bottom of the roll and roll over the filling. Then, roll and use your hands to tuck the filling in as you go. It’s basically like you’re rolling a burrito! Remember, you want a very tight roll. You can fold in the sides of the rice paper roll if you wish, but sometimes I don’t.
  5. After rolling each, place on a serving plate. Cut in half, sprinkle some sesame seeds and serve with BNUTZ nut butter. 
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