About our Vanilla and Macadamia Nut Butter by BNUTZ
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Vanilla and Macadamia Nut Butter

Jar of vanilla and macadamia nut butter

Vanilla and Macadamia Nut Butter

About our jars of deliciously healthy vanilla and macadamia nut butter

Our variant vanilla and macadamia nut butter is a lavish blend of ‘macadamia nuts’, vanilla beans, and organic cashews that offer a variety of health benefits along with appeasing your taste buds. As far as nutritional value is concerned, it’s a crunchy yummy snack loaded with a range of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and dietary fibres that make you feel energized and pumped up. The ingredients are rich in nutrients and mono-unsaturated (healthy) fats while very low in carbohydrates and saturated fats. The product contains no additives, palm oil, preservatives, or filters. The nutritional profile of macadamia nut butter is approximately equivalent to peanut butter. Besides unique taste and texture, here are the potential health benefits of including vanilla and macadamia nut butter in your diet:

  • It contains nutrients, fibres, monounsaturated fatty acids and essential minerals that are good for heart’s health. Macadamia nuts’ positive effect on the heart’s health, such as lowering of unhealthy LDL cholesterol and increasing healthy HDL cholesterol, is backed by scientific evidence. Being rich in concentrated monounsaturated fats, nuts reduce the risk of coronary artery diseases and heart strokes.
  • It helps in lowering blood pressure because of the high quantities of potassium and low quantities of sodium.
  • The contained vitamins serve as antioxidants to boost immunity. Moreover, the presence of flavonoid helps to protect from toxins by damaging free radicals.
  • The consumption accelerates metabolism, which may eventually help in weight loss. However, it’s high in calories, so avoid eating in higher quantities.
  • The presence of bio-active compounds and macro-nutrients help diabetic patients in controlling glycemic levels.
  • A safe alternative for people with peanut allergies.
  • It’s a great low-carb source of energy, especially for vegans. It fits all diets.
  • They are good sources of minerals that help in improving bone health.
  • Soluble and insoluble dietary fibres help in maintaining gut health and improving bowel regularity.
  • It serves as a rejuvenating diet for skin and hairs; it contains some anti-ageing (and hydrating) compounds which are beneficial for skin health, and palmitoleic acid for strengthening hairs.
  • The anti-oxidants are also helpful in relieving oxidative stress.

Out of total fats that macadamia seeds contain, 75% is monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). They are readily available in them. They are tree nuts that replace saturated fats with monounsaturated fats.

Vegan Nut Butter

So, don’t wait…Just grab and enjoy this delicious snack having bountiful health benefits. 

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