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šŸ§”Tumeric infused pastašŸ§”

pasta recipe

šŸ§”Tumeric infused pastašŸ§”

Turmeric ravioli with BNUTZ vanilla and macadamia nut butter truffle filling. This truly indulgent lunch/dinner is an absolute sense sensation delight!! Sprinkled with a few toasted sunflower seeds and topped with grated vegan ParmesanšŸ§€.




šŸ’«When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speakšŸŒ .





250g spelt flour.



250g all-purpose white flour.



3/4 jar of BNUTZ vanilla and macadamia nut butter.



60g mushrooms blended in a good processor.



10ml lukewarm water.



2 tbsp nutritional yeast.



160ml truffle oil.








1. Add the flour to a food processor, add in a little water until the dough sticks together.


2. Cover the dough and let it rest for 30mins


3. For the filling; Place 1/2 of the BNUTZ jar in a large mixing bowl, add the truffle oil, mushrooms and nutrient Yeast. Set aside.


4. Using a pasta machine roll out the dough until itā€™s 2mm thick. I donā€™t have a machine so used a rolling pin šŸ„–.

5. Use a glass to press circular holes in the pasta sheet.


6. Pop 1tsp of BNUTZ truffle filling inside each pasta shape and moisten the edges with a pastry brush and cover with another circle.


7. Press the edges with a fork to ensure each piece is secure.


8. Cook in boiling water for 5mins! I love my pasta al dente šŸ˜‰ so left them for a little longer


9. Spindle with sunflower seeds and cheese.




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