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BNUTZ cooking course workshop


DISCOVER How To Heal Your Body
Through Plant-based Eating Without
Depriving Yourself Of AMAZING FLAVOURS.

Only available within Surrey.

Please email me if your unsure if you fall within the catchment area.


Only available within surrey. Please email me if your unsure if you fall within the catchment area.


This workshop can take place in the comfort of your own home. B will guide you through a plant based dish which is curated and cultivated with love. Inspiring you to develop a connection with your food. In person B can show you exactly how food is supposed to be cooked.

You are able to take away a depth of knowledge on how

Food is a great connector. Cook better, waste less and get creative.

Your confidence will soar and your guests will be wowed.

Want glowing skin?

It’s proven eating plant-based foods clear up all types of skin conditions from acne to psoriasis.

Constantly tired and fatigued?

If you’re feeling this way, chances are it’s the food you’re eating, so let’s change this. This cooking class is definitely for you.

Who has time to be sick and rundown?

I don’t that’s for sure. So eating this way is my health insurance and it will be yours too.

Transitioning to a plant based diet?

Being a vegetarian, Vegan, dairy-free, or transitioning to a plant based diet requires extra attention, this is the place to start learning, you don’t ever have to go without.

Have no idea what the hell  to cook and eat?

These workshops solve that! We all need a real solution that’s sustainable and not a fad! Yes it’s family friendly!

Wholefood Plant-Based Lifestyle

Feel the amazing benefits of plant-based wholefood IMMEDIATELY, from recreated cooked family favourites, to decadent sweet desserts that we all love, through to a selection of delicious dishes.

Chronic Illness and Disease

These are all too common in our modern world, but they don’t need to be. All meals have been created to not only reverse these conditions but also prevent them.

These Plant-based Wholefood Cooking Classes are way more than just learning a recipe…

They teach you how to take control of your HEALTH & Wellbeing with everyday wholefood plant-based meals, you will learn step-by-step at your own pace. Each class is authentically designed to met your goals, desires and specific tastes. We will work together to curate the perfect meal to wow guests, family and the most important person- yourself. Join the workshop today to start your wholefood plant based journey or continue on the path but add a few more recipes to your book.

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Workshop length

whole day, half day, evening

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