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nut butter



Being diagnosed with POS, led me to become very mindful about digestion and the gut with the symptoms I experienced. Improving my digestion and gut health, ultimately had a huge impact on my energy levels, skin and overall health.


What to supplement with and how to reduce abdominal pain and bloating after eating:


Kiwi’s are extremely high in fibre, Viridian use the skin of the fruit the part which has the highest amount of fibre. The viridian kiwizyme is combined with aloe vera inner lead along with FOS prebiotic. Kiwizyme works well as a digestive aid, take 25minutes before a meal to help aid your digestive system. Take alongside a probiotic in order to replenish your gut and remove any dormant bacteria which may cause inflammation.



Udo’ choice is a great probiotic. Acidophilus is the most marketed bacterial strain, although, there are more macrobiotic strains which need targeting. Udo’s choice contains 8 bacterial strains designed specifically at a higher percentage and concentration. Lactobacillus, bifidobacterium bifidum and 6 others.

From newborn infants to grandparents, there is a formula that Udo Erasmus has created to best serve the gut flora of each and every age group.
Udo’s Choice Super 8 Microbiotics contains 8 bacterial strains designed specifically with a higher percentage and concentration. Each vegetarian capsule contains: 42 billion viable cells at time of manufacture


Reduce your dairy intake: It has been scientifically proven that 75% of the world population is genetically unable to digest milk and other dairy products, resulting in symptoms of severe bloating and abdominal pain.


Be mindful when eating your meals: CHEW, it will help your digestive system break down your food and convert it into fuel for energy. Be more mindful when you eat- use every sense to enjoy your meal, this will slow down how quickly you eat and will effectively leave you feel fuller quicker. 


Pineapple is very high in Bromelain (therapeutic compound). Bromelain is known for its anti- inflammatory effects and its efficiency in alleviating upper respiratory tract infections.

Bromelain has been used successfully as a digestive enzyme following pancreatectomy. Due to its wide PH range, bromelain has activity in the stomach

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