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?Creme caramel?

creme caramel and nut butter

?Creme caramel?

?Creme caramel?

?Happy hump day?Propa grown-up dessert ;).???? Ideal for any dinner party! ?????

☕The coffee beans and vanilla neutralise the coconutty flavour?. ??Top tips with caramel, don’t whisk it too much. Never stir it as it looks just like sugar and will crystallise??. Have all the ingredients ready and work quickly?.
?2x400ml full fat coconut milk.
☕️50ml freshly brewed espresso (I used Surrey hills)
?1tsp espresso nut butter.

?100g coconut sugar.

?1tsp vanilla and macadamia nut butter.
?3g agar flakes.


1️. Place 6 metal Dariole mould’s on a Mat.
2️.put the sugar in a saucepan and add the water just enough to make all the sugar wet. Bring to the boil, without stirring and simmer until the sugar starts to catch. Once the sugar has reached this stage give the pan a swirl ad the continue to cook until it reaches a caramel colour.
3. Quickly coat the base of each dariole mould with 2tbsp of caramel.
4. Make the espresso creme. Place all ingredients into a saucepan, adding just enough espresso to achieve a cafe latte colour and flavour.
5. Pour the espresso creme into moulds and refrigerate for 12-24hrs.


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